• Mark Acetelli was born in 1969 in Detroit into a artist household. Mark’s mother herself was a painter and some of his earliest memories was the smell of turpentine and oil paints. Growing up surrounded by his mothers work, she inspired and encouraged him to become an artist. Mark was first drawn to music, playing guitar for many years and then deciding in 1999 to follow his muse and his Mother’s footsteps, a journey that would eventually lead him to becoming a painter.

    Mark describes his work as “The Elegance of Decay” Like the walls of an old city, distressed, weathered, as if the hands of time have stripped and eroded the surface of the painting to reveal a beauty all their own. Continuously building up and tearing down, layer upon layer of paint, adding and subtracting, until the emotion is expressed.

    Mark uses primarily oils and encaustics to create thickly layered canvases, with emotive bursts of color and texture. Striking a delicate balance between personal introspection and accessibility for the viewer. He seeks to evoke a feeling rather than depict a defined image. One that is ever changing in all it’s complexities, exploring universal themes of life, death, love, and loss.

    Mark’s works can be found in many private and corporate collections around the world including, Raytheon Corp, Universal Studios, Warner Bothers, Michael Jordan, Stuart Beattie, Claire Forlani, Camryn Mainhiem and Francine Maisler..